GDKL’s office is located in Centrepoint North Tower, Mid Valley City.

  • Upon arrival to Mid Valley Megamall, talk a walk to West Entrance (Entrance next to Starbuck, Ground Floor Mid Valley Megamall)
  • Once arrived West Entrance, Starbuck will be on the left. Take a turn to right and BurgerKing and Chilli’s will be at the front.
  • Walk straight toward Chilli’s, there is a door on the left written Centrepoint North Mid Valley City.
  • Once entered the building, take a step up using escalator to first floor.
  • Upon at the first floor, security door and counter are located. Kindly take a step to register as Visitor to Level 27 Penthouse. GDKL Committees will pass a list of participants to security for verification purpose.
  • Take a lift up to Level 27 (PH) and you will see Green Drinks KL Office Door. You are here! Hope you enjoy the journey to our green environment.

Quick note: You may also find our building from outside

Centrepoint North Tower, Mid Valley City