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Throwback of Green Drinks KL at UTAR

Our Team

Chief Executive Officer
 Simpson Tan Shim Shen

Currently taking Master in 
Solar Energy in University Malaya
Email: simpsontan@greendrinkskl.org

Marketing Officer
Jeff Yong Yi Zun

Currently taking Master in 
Sustainable Development Practice in 
University Science Malaysia
Email: jeffyong@greendrinkskl.org

Marketing Officer
Goh Jia Yin
Email: gohjiayin@greendrinkskl.org

Chief Eco Leader Officer
Bernard Eng

Founder and CEO
Bernard Business Consulting Sdn Bhd
Email: bernardeng@greendrinkskl.org

Communication and Dissemination Officer
Tan She Mei

Hi-Tech Waste Management Sdn Bhd

Marketing Officer
Daniel Lim

Currently taking Bachelor of 
Environmental Engineering 
in University Tunku Abdul Rahman

 Matthias Gelber

Green Man
Co Founder of Maleki GmbH

Steve McCoy

Sustainability Consultant,
Counterpoint Consulting

Gregers Reimann

Managing Director,
IEN Consultants Sdn Bhd

Khairun Nisa

Sustainability Consultant
PwC Malaysia

We are looking to grow our team, if you are interested, please see https://www.greendrinkskl.org/p/be-volunteer.html

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