On 27th January 2022, Green Drinks KL gathered 12 public members from various professional fields such as consultancy, oil and gas, waste management, NGO and others. This was the first physical event organised after two years of lock down due to the COVID pandemic. The environmental networking event which was held on the last Thursday of every bimonthly also attracted some fresh graduates who wanted to part of the solution to the environmental issues.

The theme of the months was “Open Mic”, which was relatively unique as the host aimed to gather feedback from a small crowd on environmental issues that concerned the people the most after two years of pandemic. Subsequently, the bimonthly theme of Green Drinks KL would be customised based on the interest of the majority.

“We would like everyone to share what are the environmental issues concerning you and what we can do about it”, said Bernard, the event host.

Serene, a freelance finance consultant who came back from Singapore was questioning the root cause of the recent flood happening in Malaysia. “Is the flood caused by poor town planning or due to climate change?”, said Serene during her sharing.

On the other hand, a participant named Wei Quan, was concerned with the cleanliness of the river around Klang Valley and suggested a new solution – throwing mudball into the river. “Currently my team and I are prototyping mudballs with effective microorganism that could clean up our river. Mudball will be thrown to the river and microorganism will decompose the pollutant in the river,” said Wei Quan.
Green Drinks KL was also honoured to have Heng from Greenpeace Malaysia on that day. Heng shared that Southeast Asia countries will the waste hub to receive waste around the world for processing. And this means that we need to keep an eye on the recycling operations to ensure minimal pollution in our country.

The sharing from each other had well benefited others to learn more and contribute ideas to help each other in taking next action. Green Drinks KL this round had created a good engagement due to smaller number of attendees as compared previous event which witness the participation of more than 50 people. Some participants also preferred to have small group sharing and networking to share ideas and solution. Workshop style event be it a virtual version was also suggested.

In just a mere two hours of meeting with unfamiliar people, Green Drink had enabled like-minded people to connect and collaborate. If you wish to connect with more environmental enthusiast or learn more about environmental issues, do follow our Instagram @greendrinkskl and join our telegram group (https://t.me/greendrinksKL) for more updates.