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Electric car in Malaysia is dead? Electric cars are not alien for us. We have heard about it for a very long time.

Did you know that actually the first electric car was invented around 1832, much earlier than what we have thought? As we are approaching the high-tech lifestyles, the use of electric cars are very in trend.

Let’s join us to discuss some interesting issues that always linger in our minds in our upcoming virtual talk such as:
1)The EV market trend
2)The infrastructures and policies involved
3)The users’ experience of driving electric cars
4)The challenges in promoting electric cars
5)The factors to be considered in buying an electric car
6)The environmental impacts of using electric cars

The details are as follows :
Date : 29 April 2021, Thursday
Time : 8.30pm – 10.00pm
Venue :
Live streaming at : Green Drinks KL Fb Live

If you have any questions that you would like to ask our esteemed speakers, do comment below or PM us! We will be collecting the questions and answer them in our session.

See you soon!

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