Greetings from Green Drinks KL!

Hey everyone! On 30th of April 2020, Green Drinks KL held the second Facebook Live with the topic of “How Will An Economic Recession Impact Our Environment & Society”. This time we have invited 2 speakers. Matthias Gelber is the founder of Eco Warriors Malaysia and Gregers Reimann is the managing director of IEN Consultants, the pioneering green building consultancy in Malaysia to join our session. During the live forum, the speakers and GDKL team members gave their own thoughts on the theme from different aspects which include environmental impact, social/economic and call for action.

Here are some of the key points of the discussion :

  • The key benefit of the Covid-19 pandemic is to learn a lesson, and not just go blindly back to normal. The lessons are high cost of not preparing, prevention of crises based on sound scientific advise is the best way forward, Covid-19 has shown we can mobilize globally to tackle a crisis and we are living in the so-called Information Age.
  • The unemployment rate will increase and the support for prioritization of environmental protection will decrease. There is a hierarchy of needs which include self-actualization, esteem, love and belonging, safety needs and physiological needs.
  • There are several policies that can be implemented to promote environmental sustainability : carbon tax, cap & trade, subsidies for sustainable environmental practices and cost-benefit analysis of decision making.
  • Recession creates opportunities. The opportunities are to create new businesses, remote working (Work From Home working condition), environmental impacts (trending practice & encouragement) and social impacts (social distancing).
  • Why sustainable business is important – so that the businesses can still running without jeopardising the Earth’s resources.
  • Your donation is important for the survival of non-profit and indigenous people by funding of most NGOs, conservation efforts, eco-tourism and income of local indigenous people.

We hope you enjoy our FB Live event!

If you missed our our FB Live event, don’t worry, as we plan to have another session on 25th June 2020. The topic is Documentary Discussion : Planet of Humans, by Jeff Gibbs! Stay in touch via our social media for the latest announcement.

Do check out our YouTube channel if you wish to replay or watch previous topics covered by Green Drinks KL.