Thank you for making Green Drinks KL: Reconnecting with Forest a fun and interactive session! We kept hearing that we are losing touch with the forest and it is a good time to hear from our sifus on what they wish to share their wise words to us.

Before that, Green Drinks KL is partnering with Malaysia Nature Society to hold a guided walk at Bukit Persekutuan’s Urban Community Forest (UCF) Cempedak Trail this coming 19 January 2019. MNS Flora SIG holds a regular guided walk at Bukit Persekutuan’s Cempedak Trail on the third Saturday of each month. It will start at 8am sharp at the roundabout Bukit Persekutuan. For more information, do visit

Now let us begin.

1. Reconnect with forest through culture and ethnic

          When you think of reconnecting with forest, try to think about our culture and ethnicity. Remember about our roots. Do you remember idioms like “Diam diam ubi berisi” or “Melentur buluh biarlah dari rebungnya“? Or what about our favourite kuihs like kuih talam and kuih koci? What do they have in common? They all have plants as their base. You can reconnect with forest by language and delicacy because you need to know the plant’s name to create it. Next time, when you plan on creating beautiful poems or munching on your meals, try to simply look and observe what nature has given us. Observation is the starting point for you to know the plant and adopt it.

2. Reconnect with forest by going to the forest

          Wait what? Isn’t this a simple yet direct answer to how we can reconnect with the forest? Strangely enough, this is one thing that many of us are not doing. We have to remember that we are all connected with nature. We mimic the way nature works and our source of inspiration comes from the forest. Just try to listen and understand the nature. If you can do it, perhaps you can be the next tree listener. Remember, the best green action is me and the best time is now.

          Now, just when you think of going to the forest… what if the forest is trying to reconnect with us?

3. Forest reconnecting with us

          Forest is a social construct where we think if it has enough trees which are green and tall enough, then it is a forest. But it need not be so. Apparently, nature and forest are more porous than we think. Just open your eyes. It is all around us and we can find it in strange places like at the road side, under the bridge and even the drain near you. Those weeds at the back of your garden might just be a forest for the insects. Simply put, reconnecting with forest is as simple as looking at how nautre behaves like  a mini forest in our neighbourhood.

Thank you for your time in reading this short post write-up on Green Drinks KL: Reconnecting with Forest! We hope that you find back your inspiration to reconnect with the foret. Do check out our website, Facebook group and YouTube channel if you are interested in watching the session or other past sessions. See you at Bukit Persekutuan!



Here’s our whole session video. Enjoy!