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Our panellists are coming from different background. Here, we would like to have a brief introduction about them.


Matthias Gelber is a Co-Founder of Maleki GmbH, a German company specialising in high performance, low carbon footprint construction materials. Matthias also serves as an Environmental Chief Officer of New Era Energy, a company which using the blockchain technology to enable a decentralized system to increase transparency and credibility, and to create a global benchmark for emission recording and reporting. Dubbed as the greenest man on earth, Matthias is an accomplished speaker and trainer on environmental issues and loves giving green talks to corporates, government organisations and schools in the South East Asian region.

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Steve McCoy is the Founder and Principal of Counterpoint, a consultancy firm giving support services on sustainability for the Corporate, Government and Non-profit sectors. Steve loves creating ‘aha’ experiences around the business case for sustainability and translating visionary strategies into actionable steps to close the gap between good intentions and performance.

Khairun Nisa Mohamed Zabidi is currently working with PwC Malaysia’s sustainability team as a Sustainability Consultant in corporate responsibility, sustainability reporting and social and environmental advisory for the Southeast Asian region. Khairun Nisa interest and expertise centres on CSR, green public policy and building capacity for the mitigation and adaptation of climate change. In the past, she co-founded the Malaysian Youth Climate Justice Network (now the MYD) and zero-waste social enterprise the Recovr Initiative.