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Green Drinks KL: River Conservation

Friday, March 16, 2018

Huh? Green Drinks??

Huh, what is Green Drinks? And what I should do? Do not worry, we are willing to tell you anything about this event. 

     ANYONE with an interest in environmental and sustainability related topics. Whether you're a business owner, scientist, engineer, designer, journalist, event organizer, professor, einstein, students, or just simply CURIOUS about what this is all about, we welcome ALL AGES/BACKGROUNDS/GROUPS !!!


     Because you'll get to ~~

   M eet professionals in the field
     I nspire (or be inspired)
     N etwork (you might just meet your new bestfriend or business partners, who knows)
     G iggle and unwind from a long Thursday workday (the more laughters, the merrier)
     L earn stuff (or share one)
     E njoy great food, drinks & company!!

WHEN:     Upcoming on 29 March 2018!
     Rule of Thumb: EVERY FIRST THURSDAY of the month, 7:30PM onwards

  The Gravy Factory, Nu Central

  FREE! No fees. Just have a drink or enjoy a meal!

  The most common method is to randomly start listening in on whatever conversation is going on in the room… eavesdropping and lurking are socially acceptable at Green Drinks! 

  Green Drinkers are welcome to display cards, brochures, info sheets, posters, magazines, newsletters on the table… just remember to take whatever is left on the table away with you when you leave.

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